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The milk that comes from the buffalo is rich and creamy and very white. There is a different range of milk fats in buffalo milk, which give it and its products a unique taste. It is suitable for many allergy sufferers as it does not contain the A2 beta protein that is the cause of milk allergy with many people. (But proceed with caution as with any new food)

It is high in Calcium and has significantly lower cholesterol than cow’s milk.

The cheese and yoghurt that is made from this milk also has these characteristics. In addition the lactose in the milk has been fermented out, and this is the way that lactose intolerant people can gain the benefits of dairy produce. The cheeses have a distinct and sophisticated taste.

All of our dairy produce is organic and where a coagulant is used it is vegetable based, so suitable for vegetarians.

We also process some cows milk, as we still have descendants of our original herd of Friesians here. Obviously they are organic too!

We are a small dairy, so not all of the produce we make is available all of the time, and there are natural seasonal variations as the milk varies as the diet of the animals changes with the change in vegetation through the year.



Pasteurised Cheeses:                 


Raw Milk Cheeses




Cows Milk Cheeses

We make small quantities of raw milk Cheddar and Caerphilly mainly for our customers here and at farmers markets






We make buffalo milk yoghurt, this is very thick and smooth fresh and clean taste, with a cream layer on top. Our cows milk yoghurt is sweet tasting and also with a cream layer. Both are sold in recyclable glass jars, (not suitable for mail order) and are completely additive free, and made with a probiotic culture.








Meat and Meat Products

“The Steak the Doctor ordered”

Buffalo meat is very low in cholesterol, has a slightly sweet taste, and comes in all of the usual cuts as beef. Our organic system and the natural regime enhances these qualities.

We sell most of our meat through our farmer’s market outlets.


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